Checklist for Open Enrollment in Colorado

______ 1. Determine which school or school district(s) you are likely to enroll your child in (students who live in the school district are usually given preference over out-of-district students).

______ 2. You will need at least the following information when enrolling in a school district for the first time:

  • Proof of age (birth certificate or other documentation)
  • Proof of home address (such as utility bill)
  • Proof of immunization (click here for requirements)
  • Name of the previous school (if your child is open enrolling or transferring from another school district)
  • Local schools may ask for other information, check with individual schools about their requirements

______ 3. Call the school district or school to find out the beginning and ending dates to open enroll in the school you are interested in. Some schools, especially charters, have a different deadline and process from the district. You may be able to find all the information you need on the school or district website.

______ 4. Find schools. For a list of school options, search for schools near you. There are two options on the search page. You can find all schools within your area by submitting your address. Or, type in your information and then choose a category, such as Montessori, classical education, schools for at-risk students, etc. If you don’t find the type of school you are looking for check on the school district’s website.

______ 5. Find out where to obtain and drop off open enrollment forms (for example: at the school or a district office). Many districts use online forms.

______ 6. Find out what the selection process is (for example: if there is a waiting list, does the school accept new students on a first-come-first-served basis, or through a lottery system?).

______ 7. Read the school district board policy on open enrollment.

______ 8. If your student plans to participate in high school varsity athletics, read the CHSAA rules regarding limitations on participation for students who transfer schools.

______ 9. Visit the schools you are considering. Learn more about how to select a school here.

______ 10. Submit your application(s) to open enroll your child. You may want to apply to more than one school, in case your first choice is not available. Some school districts limit the number of schools you can apply to.

______ 11. Determine how you will transport your student to the school. Most school districts do not provide transportation for students who choose to enroll in a school outside their neighborhood attendance area.

______ 12. Ask how long the enrollment is valid for. Find out if you will have to reapply each year.