Other Schools

Learn about Charter and Option Schools

Charter schools are free public schools of choice that are founded by parents, teachers, or community members. Charter schools provide a different type of educational program than traditional public schools. Each charter school has its own governing board and a contract with either a school district or the state’s Charter School Institute.

Option schools are free public schools of choice that provide a special focus or educational program. Unlike charter schools, option schools are run by the school district. Option schools are also called “magnet” or “focus” schools.

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Learn about Homeschooling

Parents in Colorado may choose to educate their children at home but are responsible for the costs of providing the educational program. Some school districts provide classes specifically designed for homeschoolers.

Learn about Online Education

Special Note: Several school districts offer tuition-free online public schools. When a student is enrolled in an online school, the program is delivered through the use of a computer and the Internet, allowing the student to complete course work at home. The student receives support from the school’s teachers via e-mail, phone, and sometimes in-person visits. Younger children need supervision and assistance from a parent or guardian.